Illini Mountain Farms 2013 Foals

Cherish      TWH Filly born 3/30/13     Sire is Cody and Dam is Diana      

Aurie    TWH Filly born 4/6/13    Sire is Daniel and Dam is Mirabelle     Aurie's Pedigree
Homozygous Tobiano and Cremello, testing for black and agouti to determine color   


Rhoda   TWA Filly born 4/18/13    Sire Daniel and Dam is Mistress        Rhoda's pedigree


Perseus     TWA Colt born 5/3/13     Sire Daniel and Dam is Scarlet   Perseus Pedigree

Tonka    TWA Colt born 4/29/13   Sire Cody and Dam is Goose Me    Tonka Pedigree


Andy is out of Annabelle and Daniel, he is homozygous for everything that makes a spotted buckskin so he will be our next stallion. He is not for sale.  Andy's Pedigree
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