All mares coming onto the property shall have a negative Coggins test within one year and dewormed within 30 days. They should also have the following vaccinations: EWT, Flu, Rhino, Rabies, West Nile, and recommended Potomac and Horse Fever. Non-maiden mares should have a negative uterine culture and back shoes should be removed. Mare care is $8 dry and $10 wet. You are welcome to supply your mare's diet. We normally feed grass hay with 12% sweet feed.








Alen's Silverado
is a dark buckskin tobiano 15.1h Walking Horse Stallion. He has a wonderful gliding ride and a babydoll head. He is very sweet with his mares and can be hand or pasture bred. He can produce almost any color other than roan with his heterozygous genetics.
Stud fee $300








Pushin a Cool Daniel   TWHBEA 21002187
Daniel is a homozygous tobiano and black buckskin colored Walking Horse Stallion. He is a super sweet and inquisitive 15.2 young Gentleman. He can be hand or pasture bred and so far has gotten all mares bred that he has covered.
Stud fee $400

Andy  will be our next Tennessee Walking horse stallion. He is a spotted perlino who is homozygous for tobiano cremello agouti and black genes. So he will produce buckskin tobiano except when a grey or roan gene is present in the mare.