Illini Mountain Farms was conceived in 2001 by Dr. Trent Lartz and Dr. Amy Hinton. The farm was named after an Indian tribe residing in the plains of central Illinois and is the mascot of the University of Illinois. Situated on a ridge with a panoramic view of the beautiful Pennsylvania mountains allows plenty of space for new arrivals.

Amy Hinton, DVM was raised in the Allentown, Pennsylvania area. She began riding at an early age after displaying an innate love for horses. Her dream has been to raise and ride sweet colorful horses. Upon finishing her bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois, she went on to receive her veterinary degree from the University of Tennessee. During that time Amy grew to appreciate gaited horses.

Trent Lartz, DVM grew up in rural northwestern Illinois. It was there where he was introduced to horses by his Uncle who owned working draft horses. While completing his veterinary degree from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, his love for horses was nurtured. Trent enjoys trail riding and training the new arrivals.

Brianna Lartz enjoys helping care for all the critters at Illini Mountain Farms. Her hobbies are music and dance, and she loves to read.